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Meet Grand Rapids Trusted Orthodontist Dr. John Kharouf

John Kharouf, DDS, MS

        Diplomate, American Board of Orthodontics

I believe orthodontics is about more than just cosmetic straightening of teeth. My patients’ lives are improved in terms of aesthetics, function, overall health, and self-esteem. I get to be actively involved in each patient’s life, and they get actively involved in their own treatment. My team and I become role models, supporters, and extended family. We witness their effort and results in terms of orthodontic improvement, but also in terms of human development. I love seeing patients blossom as people, become pain free, and grow into healthy, happy adults.

Our practice allows us the time to know our patients and become a part of their lives. We are a calm, low-volume, low-stress, and caring office where each patient is treated like a member of our family.  We run on time because we know your time is as valuable as ours.   My team is made up of exceptionally talented, smart people who have years of experience providing the very best patient care.

Education and Experience

I attended Marquette University High School, Marquette University, and Marquette University’s School of Dentistry, earning my Doctorate of Dental Surgery!  Upon graduation, I joined the U. S. Air Force completing a General Practice Residency at Langley AFB, VA.  After practicing general dentistry for another 3 years, I continued on to the University of Iowa’s College of Dentistry, Department of Orthodontics for my orthodontic training and Master of Science degree with research in TMD (TMJ) and orthodontics..

In our practice, providing the latest and best patient care is our highest priority; this is the standard by which we practice. With all of the technological advances in orthodontics it is necessary to participate in lots of continuing education throughout the year to keep current. Kharouf Orthodontics is the only practice in western South Dakota to pursue the latest 3D imaging technology and techniques, and therefore the only practice where patients can benefit from faster and more precise funtional results.

I believe that I had the benefit of great mentors and practitioners in my education, and many of them were also educators. I too want to share what I have learned so that future orthodontists continue to build on a strong knowledge base and practice state-of-the-art orthodontics. In order to achieve this goal, I have lectured and published and  helped teach a post-graduate Roth Williams Functional Orthodontic course given at the University of Detroit from 2009-2010.

Currently, I am directing the extramural dental clinic at St. Francis Mission, Rosebud Reservation, for Creighton Dental School.

Outside the Office

A native of Milwaukee, WI, I moved to Rapid City in September 1995.  After living in crowded Tokyo, Japan, we found the beautiful Black Hills an ideal place to live and raise our young family.  My wife, Mary, was the chemistry and physics teacher at St. Thomas More High School for many years and now helps me in our practice.  Both our children attended St. Elizabeth Seton and St. Thomas More Catholic Schools.  Their excellent experience there and growing up here prepared them for success in college and graduate school.  Our daughter, Jacqueline, lives and works in Denver.  She is a creative writer and has stories published in literary jounals and on-line.  Our son, John Jr., has finished law school, lives in Minneapolis and is a corporate attorney.   We are proud of their achievements and attribute it to the wholesome religous and social environment of Rapid City.

When I make free time, I enjoy hiking and biking in the beautiful Black Hills, playing some tennis, and traveling, especially overseas. In the ten years I was in the US Air Force, I had the great opportunity to live in Germany and Tokyo, and I enjoy learning about and experiencing different cultures.

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