John Kharouf, DDS, MS

Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics

I believe that orthodontics is about more than just the cosmetic straightening of teeth—it’s about improving your health, your life, and your bite!

Welcome to Kharouf Orthodontics Group, P.C

Bite Right: Smile Forever!

At Kharouf Orthodontics, we believe in orthodontics done the right way, at the right time, and for the right reasons! Dr. John Kharouf, Dr. Keldon Carroll and our team collaborate with you to give you personalized orthodontic care that results in a picture-perfect smile.

Our Vision:

  • A healthy smile gives you the confidence to take life head-on.

Our Goal:

  • To give patients straight teeth and a healthy bite in the fastest way, with no delays, extensions, or surprises at an easy, affordable fee.

We Believe:

  • We start treatment when the time is right for you!
  • We believe in honesty: in telling you everything you need to know about your treatment up front!
  • We believe in financial flexibility so you can receive the care you need and desire for a successful outcome.
  • We believe your unique treatment plan is always most important; not what type of braces are used!
  • We believe in love, compassion, and family values, and that the moment we meet you, you become part of our family too!
  • We believe the ability to chew is a right, not a luxury! You should be able to bite into hard candy, sticky gum, and enjoy eating whatever you really want!
  • We believe in bringing out the beauty in you that is already there waiting!
  • We believe in smiling in pictures.
  • And in making your life fun, balanced, and happier, so you can be successful and productive!

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