Sunshyne Smiles Fund

The Sunshyne Smiles Program provides orthodontic treatment to deserving children who would not otherwise receive care.

Patient Selection

Patients must be South Dakota residents age ten to 21.

Patients must meet the eligibility criteria below, and will be selected to receive care based on the severity of their orthodontic needs and financial hardship. A referral form from the patient’s dentist documenting orthodontic need is required. The patient must write a statement expressing their desire for orthodontic care. The patient’s family must complete an application and provide income and asset information. An orthodontist will evaluate the patient’s orthodontic need.

Patient Eligibility

  • Oral Health: The patient must have good oral hygiene and no cavities.
  • Dental Home: The patient must have been under the care of a dentist for at least the past two years. A referral from a general dentist will be needed to be eligible for participation.
  • Means Test: The patient’s family or guardian must demonstrate an inability to pay for the full cost of orthodontic care. The family will be evaluated for both income and assets.
  • Financial Commitment: The patient’s family or guardian must demonstrate the ability to pay $1,000-$2,000 toward the cost of the treatment. At least half of this contribution must be paid before the patient will be referred to an orthodontist.
  • Readiness: The patient must demonstrate the physical and mental maturity to receive treatment.
  • Orthodontic Need: The patient must have a need for orthodontic care, documented by an orthodontic evaluation.
  • Motivation and Commitment: The patient and the patient’s family must demonstrate an understanding and appreciation for the care they will receive and must be motivated and committed to obtaining the care through the orthodontist who begins the treatment.
  • Compliance: Once accepted for treatment, the patient and family must comply with the “rules” established by the orthodontist providing the care. The treating orthodontist can refuse care to any patient who does not comply.
  • Location Stability: The patient and the patient’s family must commit to staying in the geographic area where the orthodontic treatment was started through the completion of the treatment.

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